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Cuffley Football Club is committed to providing football for the youngsters from the local community and surrounding areas irrespective of ability, gender or race. The principle of 'FOOTBALL FOR ALL' forms the basis for the running of the Club that was founded in 1954 to service the requirements of the community and provide a safe environment where youngsters can enjoy our national game. This simple principle continues today!

Acceptance of this Code of Conduct is a requirement for all members of Cuffley Football Club especially Club Officials, Team Managers, Coaches, Volunteers, Players, Parents and Supporters.

General Conditions


  1. Courtesy and respect must be shown at all times to fellow Club members and Property.

  2. Courtesy and respect must also be shown to all visiting teams their officials and supporters.

  3. All rules & regulations of any Club, League or Association to which Cuffley Football Club are affiliated must be adhered to at all times.

  4. All correspondence is to be dealt with promptly.

  5. Players should arrive for training and matches on time with the correct equipment.

  6. Members should not take any action that may harm the name and reputation of the Club.

  7. Managers or a representative are expected to attend the monthly managers meetings.

  8. Subscriptions, fees, fines etc are to be paid on time.

Team Managers, Coaches & Volunteers


  1. Must work within the guidelines of the Child Protection Policy.

  2. Must promote the policy of fair play at all times.

  3. Must promote sporting and technical development of the children within their care.

  4. Must not use or tolerate the use of foul and abusive language.

  5. Must put the well being of the players above all other considerations.

  6. Must ensure that football is played within the laws of the game.

  7. Must abide by the decisions of Officials, League and F.A..

  8. Must explain to players & parents from the outset what is expected from them, and in turn what they can expect from the Managers, Coaches, Volunteers and the Club generally.



  1. Must respect the decisions made by Managers, Coaches and Officials.

  2. Must abide by the principle of fair play.

  3. Must treat club members and visiting teams equally with respect.

  4. Must not use foul and abusive language at any time.

Parents & Supporters


  1. Must promote and encourage the players of all teams including visiting teams.

  2. Must respect the decisions made by Officials.

  3. Must not use or tolerate the use of foul and abusive language.

  4. Must respect the decisions made by Managers & Coaches.

  5. Must report any concerns to the Clubs Child Welfare Officer.

  6. Must refrain from coaching their child from the sideline.

Any person found to be breaching this code of conduct will be subject to disciplinary action by the management committee and may be excluded from training, matches and the Club generally.

This Code of Conduct remains in force until advised by the Committee of any change.

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